Welcome to Sandra Todd-Williams Academy


All This Week — May 6 —May 10

We’d like to invite all students and parents to show extra

gratitude to staff during this week. 

Here are our daily themes if you would like to join in. You are welcome to bring items and/or send with your student each day for the staff members you would like to acknowledge each day. These items do not need to be expensive and you can pick and choose which days you join in. 

This is not required (participation is optional)

Ways to show appreciation to our staff:

Monday: Bring in a flower (real, made out of paper, plastic, or draw a picture)

Tuesday: Write a thank you note/letter to your teacher, para or any other staff member. 

Wednesday: Bring a healthy snack like a granola bar, fruit, water, muffins, etc..

Thursday: Sweet Day! Bring a candy bar, cupcake, candies, or anything sweet. 

Friday: Bring beauty supplies like lip balm, lip gloss, nail polish, hand lotion, spa accessories, candles,  etc. 

Toda la semana —- Mayo 6 —Mayo 10

Nos gustaría invitar a todos los estudiantes y padres a mostrar 

Gratitud Al personal durante esa semana. 

Aquí están nuestros temas diarios si usted elige participar puede traer   
artículos a alguien del personal cada día. Estos artículos no necesitan 
ser costosos y usted puede escoger y elegir qué días usted quiere participar.

Esto no es obligatorio (la participación es opcional)

Lunes:  Trae una flor (real, de papel, plástico un dibujo)

Martes:  Escribe una nota/carta a tus maestras o cualquier persona que trabaje en la escuela. 

Miercoles:  Trae un bocadillo saludable como una fruta, un yogurt, barra de granola, etc. 

Jueves:  Día Dulce! Trae chocolates, cupcakes, dulces, etc. 

Viernes:  Traer artículos de belleza como protector para los labios, brillo para labios, pinta uñas, crema para manos, accesorios para spa, velas aromáticas, etc.




Celebrating Our students that have perfect attendance: for students who attended school Monday through Thursday, arriving on time with no early releases.   If your child had a sticker on their shirt at dismissal yesterday, they earned the dress down day and were able to wear the shirt of their choice.


Sandra Todd-Williams Academy 

At Sandra Todd-Williams Academy, we strive to inspire happy, healthy, life-long learners in our community of students, families, and staff.  Our mission is to provide a foundation for students to ensure they are socially, emotionally, and academically ready for Kindergarten.  We are in a gorgeous state-of-the-art building designed for 3- and 4- year old students.  We consider ourselves a family and we get to know all of our students and their families on a personal level in order to build a strong home-school connection.  This helps our littlest learners build a strong foundation for future academic success.


4909 N. Cathay St. 80249                                           
Tel: 720424-8240
Fax: -720-424-8249

Principal: Leslie Harvey

Grade Levels: ECE – ECE

Uniforms: Yes

Discovery Link: No

Magnet Program: No
Charter School: No
Non-Traditional School: No
Intensive Pathways: No