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Sandra Todd-Williams Academy 

At Sandra Todd-Williams Academy, we strive to inspire happy, healthy, life-long learners in our community of students, families, and staff.  Our mission is to provide a foundation for students to ensure they are socially, emotionally, and academically ready for Kindergarten.  We are in a gorgeous state-of-the-art building designed for 3- and 4- year old students.  We consider ourselves a family and we get to know all of our students and their families on a personal level in order to build a strong home-school connection.  This helps our littlest learners build a strong foundation for future academic success.




4909 N. Cathay St. 80249                                           
Tel: 720424-8240
Fax: -720-424-8249

Principal: Leslie Harvey

Grade Levels: ECE – ECE

Uniforms: Yes

Magnet Program: No
Charter School: No
Non-Traditional School: No
Intensive Pathways: No


Principal letter


Sandra Todd-Williams Academy



Dear Families,

As we begin remote learning, please know that I am thinking about you, your families, and your loved ones. I hope this message finds you all safe and healthy.  These are unprecedented times and schools have been forced to take unprecedented measures to continue supporting our students.  As ECE educators, one of the most important parts of our job is building connections with our district’s youngest learners and their families. Now, in this new normal, our staff is making every effort to maintain those strong connections with you despite the distance.

Please know that our intent is to support you and your child during this stressful time. Many of us have been negatively impacted by the current situation physically, emotionally, and financially; given the circumstances, we recognize that school might not be a family’s top priority, which is absolutely understandable. We want to meet each of you wherever you are, instead of adding to your family’s stress.  Our teachers will post lessons, activities, resources, and ideas for you every day via Class Dojo (Google Classroom for room 106), and I will continue to post read alouds on our school’s FB page.  If your child engages with all of the content shared, that is great. If you check in with one activity a day, that is great. If you check in once a week to do a few activities, that is great.

In addition to sharing content and resources with you, our teachers and paras will also be in communication with each of you every week, through your preferred style of communication (phone, email, video chat).  This is a time for you to share any needs you may have, get questions answered, and for your child to communicate directly with them.  In order to maintain my connection to students and families, I plan to call several families a day to personally check in on each of you, as well.  My cell phone number is 303-907-0087 and my email address is Leslie_Harvey@dpsk12.org; do not hesitate to reach out to me for anything you may need or any questions you may have.  Please take care of yourselves and know that we are here for you.

Remote learning is new to all of us- teachers, students, and families; we know there may be some “growing pains” as we adjust to our new normal. Our team is working diligently to ensure that we adjust, adapt, and grow along with the needs of our community. I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. I believe that if we work together, our students will continue to learn and grow and we will come out of this experience as the strong, positive community that we have always been.


Ms. Leslie