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Thursday, April 18: Dialogic Reading by Denver Public Library from 5–6 PM 

Dialogic Reading: Explore the concept that how we read to children is as important as how frequently we read to them. You’ll develop an understanding of the research-based Dialogic Reading strategy for reading aloud with young children as well as how to use this technique at home or in the classroom.


Picture Day: Wednesday, April 24th. To order picture go to and use Picture Day ID: CG948043Y0  

CSC Meeting: Monday, April 22, @ 3:25 pm-4:05pm (MPR) 

The CSC brings together staff, parents, students and community members to create and implement a plan to promote high achievement within the school. 


Monday, April 29 — NON- STUDENT – CONTACT DAY– Teacher planning. 



Friday, May 24th: Starting @ 8:45 am – 10:30 am 

Join us for a fun-filled morning of games, sports, music, and fun! Refreshments will be available for students.


Monday, May 27th — Memorial Day 


Tuesday, May 28th — Excellent Attendance Pizza Party

Students who met the district expectations of 95% attendance will be invited to a pizza party! 

Congratulations Students —- You did it! — Ready for Kindergarten 


download (5) CELEBRATION

Special surprise for cases with perfect attendance! 

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cce808ac944ff35ef2c149c25ca93d88 Celebrating Our students that have perfect attendance: for students who attended school Monday through Thursday, arriving on time with no early releases.   If your child had a sticker on their shirt at dismissal yesterday, they earned the dress down day and were able to wear the shirt of their choice.