School Celebrations

November Celebrations @

Sandra Todd-Williams Academy 

Students back in school after the Fall Break ! 

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Welcome back friends, we miss you!

Bread truck Day!

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Learning how bread is deliver to the store and how the truck uses different equipment.  


Pizza Party!

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For all of our students that had Perfect Attendance Since school started. Congratulations Friends ! 

To all of our families here at Sandra Todd-Williams Academy that celebrate this holiday.

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tw Attendance - 1024 x 512 px-3Celebrating Attendance:

Celebrating Our students that have perfect attendance: for students who attended school Monday through Thursday, arriving on time with no early releases.   If your child had a sticker on their shirt at dismissal Thursday, they earned the dress down day and were able to wear the shirt of their choice on Friday.  

images (1)PAWsitively Amazing Wolf Pup Award


We celebrated one child in each room who has been a “PAWsitively Amazing Wolf Pup”.  These students are showing others how to follow our school’s expectations of, “I have a safe body.  I am a safe friend.  We keep a safe school.”  They receive a certificate and bracelet, recognition on our TV in the front office, and their photo posted in our MPR and on their teacher’s exterior door.  

Join us in congratulating our PAWsitively Amazing Wolf Pups:

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